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HALF-LEG COOL THERAPHY BIOMODEL GIRDLE, removable straps versatility with necklines, elongated armhole, correction of fat deposits in the axillary area, super-invisible side closure, intimate opening in the inguinal area, lace in hems that prevent the garment from slipping, lifts buttocks up to two sizes.

It reaffirms and reduces thanks to the effect of caffeine and Mentatex, the skin is toned from the first day, using the girdle for 8 hours a day; its effect is guaranteed for more than 50 washes and it has an effectiveness of around 76%. INDICATED USE FOR AESTHETIC, FIRMING AND POST-SURGICAL TREATMENTS such as: Lymphatic Drainage, Liposuction, Liposculpture, Abdominoplasty, Bariatric Surgeries, Cesarean Section, Pelvic Retraction, uterine, or intrauterine mesh.

Thanks to the POWER NET therapeutic fabric, its structure acts as a continuous massage, exerting local pressure on the fat cells, helping them to shed through daily use. Plus MENTATEX AND CAFFEINE, exerts a powerful firming effect.

Place the girdle inside a plastic bag in the freezer for 2 hours to activate the cold potential of the garment.
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