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BEYONCE is a biomodeling girdle made from a cold fabric blend with CAFFEINE and MENTATEX, SEAWEED, VITAMIN E, and GINGKO BILOBA to reduce inches and reshape your figure. It features adjustable snaps up to 3 sizes, a closure in the inguinal area, and lace in the hems to prevent slipping. The butt lift can increase your size up to two sizes.



BEYONCE is an ideal solution for post-aesthetic interventions such as liposuction, brachioplasty, liposculpture, bariatric surgeries, Russian threads, implants, and BBL.

It provides calming action to the skin, helping to reduce inflammation and minimizing the risk of complications. It also enables efficient and natural recovery while helping to improve the skin’s elasticity.


THEY ARE EVEN VERY FUNCTIONAL WHEN IT PRESENTS: Problems of kyphosis, Deviated Spine and Herniated discs CORRECTS.- and improves the position important to acquire a good figure, provide BODY SUPPORT

UP TO.- three sizes less to readjust in the reduction process

PRESSOTHERAPY.- Local micro massage

REFINES.- the back and ELIMINATES fat deposits from the armpit area

CENTER.- the bust making it look firmer.

Place the girdle inside a plastic bag in the freezer for 2 hours to activate the cold potential of the garment.

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