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Girdle produced with sophisticated textile technology and cold fabric, Infusing components such as caffeine, Mentatex, Cosmecol Emi, ginkgo biloba, and seaweed.


Amber is a sophisticated daily use and post-surgery girdle that tightens and reshapes the body. It comes with removable shoulder straps, a side closing zipper, and silicone cuffs to prevent slipping.


It is ideal for liposuction, thread lifts, and other aesthetic interventions as well as kyphosis, herniated discs, and other body support needs. Amber can reduce the body up to three sizes to readjust during the recovery.

Reduce 3 sizes instantly.

 AMBER uses cryotherapy to provide effective relief for inflammation along with reaffirming the skin.

Place the garment in the fridge for at least two hours before using to maximize effectiveness. 

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